25/11/17 Conversation Ben Benaouisse und Philippe Van Cauteren

Conversation Ben Benaouisse et Philippe Van Cauteren


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As part of the exhibition POLYTIEK, by Ben Benouisse and the curator Joke Lootens, SPACE Collection invite you to the conversation between the artist Ben Benaouisse and Philippe Van Cauteren, the artistic director of S.M.A.K, the Municipal Museum of Art Actuel in Ghent. This exchange will be the opportunity to discuss about the artistic approach of the artist into the exhibition space. That's the opportunity to discover or see differently the work of this artist who exhibits for the first time in Liège, to New SPACE (second exhibition space of SPACE Collection).

For his solo show at SPACE Collection in Liège, Ben presents his 'POLYTIEK'.
The concept is simple: it comes with empty hands and uses only objects that it finds on the spot, objects that do not belong to it. It recovers what exists and gives it a meaning, but a different one. From this process, discoveries, assemblages quite surprising, which offer a new look at the known objects. For Ben, this artistic act is eminently political, since it is a matter of taking the ideas of others to give them a different direction.
His exhibition is also a "polyptic" in which we see different things in a single whole. It is an attempt to create a unity without forgetting the constituent parties. Just as our own identity is influenced by different elements.
There is also a reference to religion in its work. According to Ben, just like politics, religion is a system of recovery, which hides a void with ideas that does not match the arrival to its but. For him, art begins when the artist changes the position of things. In this sense, the artist resembles a politician or a churchman. But Ben does not hide anything, he does not hide a void. On the contrary, he shows his work of recovery by playing cards on the table." 

(text by Joke Lootens)

Ben Benaouisse
Essential to the work of Ben Benaouisse (°1971, lives and works in Ghent, BE) is his attempt to grasp political, religious and cultural patterns. His path is an atypical one, in which he explores diverse media without any academic training. His artistic oeuvre develops around the principle of appropriation and presents a never-ending search for an attitude towards the 'here and now': "What can I add to everything that has already been done, as an artist? I am the dwarf on the giant."He tests the power of art in our times and investigates its role in our society. His conceptual interest finds a balance in the amazement and the pleasure of creation.

Presentation text : Joke Lootens
Exhibition text : Selçuk Mutlu
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