Alexandre Christiaens


Silver print
100 x 100 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2012
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Since his very beginnings, landscapes, especially the sea and harbour networks, constitute the largest part of the work of Alexandre Christiaens who travelled the coasts of three continents (Europe, Asia and America). The series of images he brings back (factory and urban sites, nature – more or less wild – and some portraits) are the result of an attentive and curious perspective, distant and poetic. But, above all, it is the way he captures the air and light of each place, of each moment of the day and night, which makes him a reputed artist. Describing his approach, he states: “My approach is centred on trying to mix my photographic collection, which is sometimes carried out in a diligent and thoughtful manner, but sometimes quite randomly. They are then brought together and their story is written afterwards. Not my story, as, although I don’t exclude myself from my work, it is not at all autobiographical; the image rather tells stories of the world, stories of what man experiences, stories of territories, shapes, horizons and interpretations”. F10pl29n2 is a photograph taken in Mandvi, Gujarat, India. It is a night-time shot in a shipyard. The weak light gives the boat under construction a strong, monumental image that suggests many stories, a world emerging out of the night and the past and inviting us to dream. (Genaro Marcos)

° 1962

Lives and works in Dave (Namur)