Anne Büscher

PHOTOGRAM - the colour of the shadow of light

Light sensitive paper
74 x 49 cm
Purchase SPACE Maastricht
Acquisition: 2017
Location: Liege-SPACE

Anne Büscher lives and works in the Netherlands. Graduated with a BA in Jewelry design from Maastricht Academy of arts and design in 2014 and graduated with a MA in MAD (Materialization in Art and Design) at Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. Recently in Residence at RAVI, Liege. Anne Büscher’s work operates on the cutting edge of research, material, craft, and form. She has experimented with various applications of materials like glass, marble and photographic paper. Recurring, core subjects of her artistic practice are the value of ‘findings’, heterogeneity and imitations. Her work has a definite fragility and is characterized by a strong focus on the making process. Drawing on research into reflective surfaces and how material functions in Japanese ceremony, Büscher’s work focuses on the relationship between material and ritual.


Lives and works in Maastricht