Aurélie William Levaux


Acrylic on wood
Series of 3 works : 35 x 100 cm, 21 x 55 cm, 33 x 45 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2006
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

The idea, ultimately unrealized, of creating a giant comic strip led Aurélie William Levaux to craft a number of narrative sequences on wood panels. It was during this phase that she created the untitled triptych dealing with motherhood: a theme that was later to dominate one of Levaux’s main publications, Menses Ante Rosam. The triptych also features another of her recurrent characters, the little girl – a little girl who speaks like a woman. This child is an alter ego, according to the artist, who describes the project as a kind of private diary chiefly developed in the form of drawings embroidered onto canvas. The three-panel work occupies an intermediate position between its artistic origins – alternative, ‘auteur’ comic strips – and the world of contemporary art. Aurélie William Levaux is an artist from Liège who has achieved international renown. In 2003 she started publishing her drawings in fanzines, and since 2008 has been regularly producing her own books. In them we discover a world of mingled dreams and reality, revolving around femininity, maternity and sexuality. Levaux’s art emanates from intuition, imagination, desire, anguish, and experience, treated with a sense of the fantastic and a great mastery of technique, to produce works whose suggestive expressiveness opens them up to a multiplicity of interpretations. (Genaro Marcos)



Lives and works in Liege