Ccil Michel

Brussels Underground 01 and 02

Photography on aluminium (diptych)
25 x 36 cm (x 2)
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2005
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

“My photography navigates through my life experiences. It reveals the environment I am travelling in, exploring, experiencing, experimenting and where I am meeting others…and I like to intertwine the whole thing to form a 'landscape'.“ In the universe of Ccil Michel, filled with the cracks of everyday life, the elements intertwine and interact... If she wants her approach to be documentary, she expresses both a relationship with the world and a singular experience. She produced her first works in specific contexts, such as within a community of homeless people, where outcasts, drug addicts, and prostitutes stood side by side... This resulted in a series of portraits that question the role of the individual in a society organized according to the dominant economical power. Her approach then evolved by putting people who are close to her in various public spaces, directing them and using role-play. Through the stories that “one tells”, she questions the human situation in our society and the possibilities we have to define ourselves. Since then, she has pursued her research, also through both video and sound, by assuming a position that merges public with private and reality with fiction... Ccil Michel was a very active member of the former BlowUp collective. (CM)


Lives and works in Brussels