Emmanuel Dundic

9 blocks

Printing on MDF
1 block : 14 x 18 x 3,8 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2006
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

The work of Emmanuel Dundic is full of drama, of silence evoking the inner exile and melancholy. Initially a painter, the artist often writes short dialogues, which are not (assertions, questions, distractions from thoughts). These scenes sometimes result in a photography diverted from its object(s) created in function of the events or coincidences. Meteor sentences coming from nowhere. He has a particular interest for the « out of context ». Who speaks to whom, and in what context? Everything is a pretext to puns, anagrams, filters, prophecies, treatments. All the sentences have multiple meanings; some are more obvious but most remain inaccessible. The presentation form varies: edition, projection, distribution... One of his primary formal ways is the production of Blocks (printed MDF, each side is coated with a translucent and matt resin, this gives them the noble appearance of stone or frozen candies). The SPACE precisely presents part of this series within its collection. (ED)


Lives and works in Liege