Eric Delayen

La Cardinale (French version)

Digital printing on paper
Diptych : 110 x 86 cm (x 2)
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2005
Location: Liege-SPACE

About his work, éric Delayen writes: “Installation of a maritime beacon in Dublin Bay. This buoy, supplied with electrical power from solar panels, is fitted with a red lantern which continuously emits luminous signals encrypted in Morse code. The text constantly emitted in Morse code is James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses. The beacon, and especially its luminous signal, must be visible from the coast. A few special sites will thus be provided with a viewpoint indicator board allowing identification of the location of the beacon in relation to Dublin and its coast, the nature of the transmitted text, and all the information about the monument. Moreover, the geographical location of the beacon and its artistic nature will be listed on international maritime maps. Finally, a website will be created in order to provide all the necessary information (the beacon’s location and its realtime signal, etc.)”. With the acquisition of two panels recalling the beacon and an excerpt of the French text in Morse code, SPACE wanted to support the project of Eric Delayen, who had the opportunity to participate in the Bloomsday Centennial commemorative festivities, the famous day at the heart of James Joyce’s novel, in June 2004. He presented a series of works related to the Irish writer, including of course Cardinale One. (Eric Delayen and Genaro Marcos)


Lives and work in Liege