Marie Rosen


Oil on wood
15 x 20 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2009
Location: Liege-SPACE

In the work of Marie Rosen, the search for a small precious object, recalling the ancient illuminations and ex-voto, should be considered to be more like a revaluation of the act of painting, in some way reviving traditional craftsmanship. Her desire of a coherent project guided by the rigor and the seriousness of her personal approach stems from this. On the other hand, the narrative appears to be secondary: concentrated in a pregnant moment fixed in space and time, it represents the meeting of unusual and heterogeneous elements, which are already part of the background on which they sometimes seem to float. This meeting holds a network of meaning, whether invented or real-life moments, a modulation of recognised elements towards pictorial scenes that are intelligible for everyone. These elements emerge according to external parameters and sometimes change slightly by themselves, until they attain a kind of autonomy. The perception is immediate and does not require explanation. In this sense, no interpretation is (in-) correct. Who are these characters, what are they doing? The loneliness that surrounds them seems to fix them in a context that appears to be narrative, a sort of para-world of projection, in a picture specific to the medium. (Jennifer Beauloye)


Lives and works in Brussels