Messieurs Delmotte


26 x 32 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2003
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Messieurs Delmotte filmed Bike during a residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. “Several months earlier, thanks to a curator who wanted to surprise me, I was able to take a look at some of Bas Jan Ader’s rare works in the stockroom”, explains Delmotte. This comprised an old U-Matic cassette containing several Super-8 film recordings. The image was shaky and very blurred. For me, this was a revelation, especially in terms of the attitude and strange position of this artist in comparison with official culture. Amongst other things, there was a video entitled Fall II – Bas Jan Ader – 1970 where, whilst on his bike, he let himself fall into a canal in Amsterdam – where I was myself at that very moment – and sank, disappearing into the murky water. I have completed several works following on from this piece.” Thus in Waterbike he has filmed somebody walking down to a canal, walking through the water touching the bottom and finding a bike that he pulls out and jumps off, leaving it to ride off into an unknown urban setting. With Bike, aside from paying tribute to Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975), Messieurs Delmotte questions the artist’s status: the bike moves forward without a cyclist like a performance without a protagonist, as though a work can progress without the intervention of its creator. (Pierre Henrion)


Lives and works in Brussels