Michaël Nicolaï

Les forges de Clabecq

140 x 140 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2011
Location: Liege-SPACE

Attracted by the melancholy of natural or industrial abandoned places, Michaël Nicolaï enjoys being carried away by the nostalgia that they emit. Remembering the stories of old retired workers when he went fishing as a child along the Meuse with his Italian grandfather, he sets a scene of laborious machines, inscribes them with areas of flat colour and isolates them on a canvas with a palette reduced to just a few colours. Stylisation and shape outlines produce the effect of a vinyl collage, half between tattoo and transfer printing, where acrylic paint contributes to a polished effect. Following the tradition of a pop image revamped by contributions of contemporary advertising and graphics, Michaël Nicolaï’s painting produces archetypal images that are powerfully descriptive. After buying one of his pieces in 2011, SPACE invited Nicolaï to redesign SPAC to help emphasise the influence of blast furnace silhouettes on the sculpture. (Cécilia Bezzan)


Lives and works in Liege