Nicolas Clément


34 x 43 cm
Acquisition: 2005
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Nicolas Clément photographs man and his environment. His collection of images grows throughout his wanderings, his encounters and his life experiences whether they take place in Belgium or abroad. They are depicted in a series generally resulting from the investigation of a particular area. Walking, getting lost, encountering landscapes, objects or people; capturing them on film because they reflect a culture or a period in time, to then discover them again and patiently reclaim them. Nicolas Clément’s aim is not to describe a subject, but rather to establish connections between his experience and that of others, to express sensitivity and poetry. Created while he was active within the BlowUp collective, the photography displayed in the SPACE collection belongs to the series My own private trip, Boise, Idaho, in which a visit to a friend living in the United States pays tribute, at least in its title, to a Gus Van Sant film. (Genaro Marcos)


Lives and works in Brussels