Olivier Bovy


70 x 50 x 40 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2007
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Olivier Bovy is a sculptor who, as part of his research and creation, has developed a way of questioning the human body. More precisely, he tackles his position and interaction with the world. His first creations have taken on the shape of objects inspired by human anatomy: organs and appendices which are – very often – transplanted onto the body. Understated and enigmatic, these pieces work as aesthetic elements equipped with a communication function. Producing a kind of vibration close to respiration, this SPACE piece invites the spectator to come into close contact and to actively and sensually participate (sight, touch, sound). In the next stage, the sound dimension gradually takes on a more important role in his work. Furthermore, the artist is keen to display his work in public spaces rarely used for contemporary art. He plays around with the contrast between the intimacy of his creations and the universality of his approach. (Bénédicte Merland)


Works and lives in Liege.