Pascal Bernier


25 x 25 x 4 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2017
Location: Liege-SPACE

Pascal Bernier tackles the major current topics such as ecology, industry, techno-science, pornography ... He produces photos, videos, sculptures, paintings and installations full of humor and disenchantment. He creates theatrical metaphors, modern fables, sometimes close to still lifes, and even allegorical representations of death. And often, animals are put forward. They are sometimes photographed or filmed, integrated into installations, or presented as sculptures (via taxidermy, dressings, bandages, etc.) ... All in a very pop atmosphere. One of his most famous series is WWF, a squadron of butterflies with military cockades that provokes alternately smile and painful empathy. He explains what was the starting point for these works: "According to the theories describing chaotic systems, the flapping of a butterfly's wings can eventually provoke a hurricane. Making war with butterflies may one day be the absolute weapon of strategists of chaos.


Lives and works in Brussels