Stéphane Gilot


21 x 30 cm
Purchase SPACE Liege
Acquisition: 2012
Location: Liege-Musée des Beaux-Arts

The work of Stéphane Gilot is designed principally around three themes: chromatic architectural interventions, the Plans d’évasion (Escape Plans) and Mondes modèles (Model Worlds). The first is a work of spatialisation of painting, colour and rare architectural phenomena. These works are gestures invading the exhibition space and suggest a construction extending beyond their frame. The works from the second theme are characterized by an installation practice combining both architecture and videography. The third theme completes the previous one around the concept of modelling. Bibliothèque rouille (Rusty Library), created within a series of large scale canvasses around the library theme, constitutes one of the first steps of the work developed in the first and second themes: spatialisation of painting and modelling are brought together in a two-dimensional representation of an architectural installation. The drawings are characterized by superposed cut-outs (two to three layers). Each part thus brings together several layers of graphic information. These drawings revisit a series of projects gathered under the name of Archologie, a term borrowed from architect Paolo Soleri combining the concepts of “architecture” and “ecology”. (SG)



Lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Bibliotheque rouille

Etude pour gratte-terre ouragan