The SPACE team

SPACE is a project developed by Alain De Clerck (°1967), a Belgian artist, internationally active. For this visual artist who considers the world as his true raw material and qualifies himself as an artist “In Cité”, the contact with the public is essential. For many years, he has been creating devices involving and materializing a display of human, institutional and private efforts. His Roue de Feu (Wheel of Fire) has been travelling through Belgian music festivals for more than 10 years. In 2004, he created for the Belgian Government the device Drapeau européen pour l’élargissement de l’Europe à 25 (The European flag for the expansion of Europe to 25) at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels. In 2007, the same sculpture was set for the expansion of Europe to 27 in Bucharest, Romania. Concerned about the water issue, he suggested, in 2009, his project OMD2015, an interactive sculpture working through the sending of a text message, which allowed the installation of a pump in Butembo (Congo RDC) in collaboration with the NGO ULg Universud (University of Liège). He also works on EVE171, a mobile fountain aiming to reassert the value of the Legia. Key player in the cultural landscape of Liège, he fought for Liège 2015 and is involved in the artistic activities of the Standard Fan Coaching.


The SPACE project, one of the activities of the NPO In Cité Mondi, was run by volunteers during a long time. Since autumn 2010, it has two employees: the artist Alain De Clerck (artistic director) and the art historian Julie Hanique (communication and management of the collection).


The artworks selection committee: Sophie Bodarwé (SMartBe), Anne-Françoise Lesuisse (BIP), Isabelle Neuray (Culture Department of the Province of Liège), Yves Randaxhe (curator of the contemporary art collection of the National Bank), Françoise Safin (curator of the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of the City of Liège), Alain De Clerck and Julie Hanique.