The concept


Download a general presentation here.

In the wake of developing its field of activities, which was presented during the SPACE exhibition in January 2010 at the MAMAC in Liège, SPACE wants to strengthen its presence in Belgium as well as expand itself to Europe, giving priority to Euregio and the Greater Region. 


The SPACE project offers to establish different mobile sculptures in Europe. Generating culture, these artworks will be set up permanently in a highly busy public space. Turned on by the citizens thanks to the same principle of cultural ticket machine, this park of sculptures will fund the SPACE public collection, which will be spread in the various participating European cities. Enjoying a common communication, this network focusing on contemporary plastic arts will encourage collaborations between partners. 


This unifying project is aimed both at a specialized audience (deputies of culture, museums, cultural associations, artists, …) and at a much wider audience, not necessarily interested in contemporary art at first, but who will directly or indirectly be concerned by the project (European citizens living in the host cities, participants in the festivities, new patrons, …) given the inherent dimension of participatory citizenship in the SPACE project. 


By multiplying its anchor points and extending its team, SPACE ensures the durability of its approach and opens up towards Europe, creating a transborder public collection, thus pursuing the goal of making contemporary art accessible to all.