The origin

horodateur space lizène

Alain De Clerck, SPAC, en Féronstrée, Liège, 2002 (redesign by Jacques Lizéne en 2014). Photo : Genaro Marcos.


SPACE (Société publique d’Art contemporain-Europe/Public Society of Contemporary Art-Europe) is a project developed in 2002 by the Belgian sculptor Alain De Clerck, as part of the Bonjour exhibition. It is embodied by one of his artworks located in the heart of the city of Liège: the SPAC (Sculpture publique d’Aide culturelle/Public Sculpture for Cultural Help). This sculpture consists of two parts: a bent iron tube and a colorful parking ticket machine, redesigned in 2010 by the artist Nicolas Kozakis.


The idea is simple: whenever a visitor inserts coins in the ticket machine, not only does he switch on a flame on top of the sculpture, but he also contributes to a fund designed to acquire artworks for the SPACE Collection. The artworks of the collection are currently exhibited in Liège (at the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of the City of Liège, and in the offices of the SPACE and the NPO SMartBe).


Since it was set up in Féronstrée, the flame of the SPAC hasn’t stopped burning, symbolizing and reminding the citizens’ attachment to culture. The collection is gradually growing richer with new acquisitions and now includes 104 pieces. Mixing genres, material supports, techniques and artists more or less renowned, guarantees an increasing aura and radiance to the SPACE Collection.