Charlotte Lagro


Vidéo en boucle
Achat SPACE Maastricht
Acquisition : 2014
Localisation : Liège-SPACE

Charlotte Lagro’s work consists of photographs, animations, recorded performances and sculptures. This diverse range of media is mobilized to locate and dismantle the seemingly fixed narratives that constitute everyday life. Like surgery, she blows up, cuts up, and glues back together her subjects. As such, her work can be seen as a series of carefully crafted experiments that draw out the aesthetics of routine visual impressions and routine acts. To accomplish this, choreographies performed by a factory worker assembling a product, or the hands of a piano player executing a sonata, serve as analogies. In the video “etude”, for instance, two hands are seen in the familiar act of folding an airplane. In 2010, Charlotte was invited to do a piece for the 125th anniversary of Valkenburg’s tourist office. It consists of a large aquarium that holds a miniature version of the very same castle ruin in which it was exhibited. Where there once was an empty sky, live goldfish now circle the site. In the work of the SPACE Collection, the fish itself has become an object of reconstruction. In a video, it is shown in a swimming motion. But it is drawn out in 'exploded view', a mapping system commonly used by engineers to visualize the complex anatomy of machines and their individual components. These strategies of mirroring, dissecting and reassembling narratives characterize charlotte’s work. They create space for detachment through dislocation and isolation. This temporarily relieves the subject’s visual impression from its commonality, thus exposing its previous 'taken for grantedness'.

° 1989


Vit et travaille à Maastricht