Jerome Daly

The Swarm

9:46 min
Aankoop SPACE Luik
Aanschaf : 2014
ligging : Luik-SPACE

Today, we live in a world where one event creates a big amount of footage. In the year 2011 alone, more photographs were created than in the total history of photography. New technologies are available to everyone, they create a tsunami of images with a massive range via the internet. What role can the artist play - when we keep this in mind - in a world of excess? Is it still necessary for him to create footage by his own? Or is it necessary for the artist to take the already existing and expanding footage archive, and merge these images into new meanings? While I was working on “The Swarm” this and other questions kept my mind busy. I also recognized that this expanding footage archive could maybe lead to a more complete picture of reality. The disturbing book The Net Delusion, by Evgeny Morozov, makes us aware of the potentiality of total observation throughout the data we compile every day on the internet, later confirmed by Snowden. I collected the videos of the people made on May 5th 2012 at the football stadion in Cologne from youtube and other platforms to find an answer to my questions. During the football game the Cologne hooligans released a smoke bomb because their team lost. Several people who witnessed the moment, filmed it with their handhelds. I merged all of these films in The Swarm, so the event is documented, in a way, by a detached collective of informers or referents. Every referent has his own position into the grid of the video collage, they are synchronized on the timeline which leads to the organic character of the film. The finished video represents perhaps a more ‘total’ truth, it confronts us at least with a more truth that shows this event in all its complexity. Today I left the path of combining only existing images which I find on my way through the virtual world. I started to investigate the glitch - which in a way was already present in The Swarm in the form of the smoke bomb. The glitch proves to be an extensive subject matter to form new questions concerning technology and Contemporary Art.


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